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Popular Science Apparatus Workshops Pvt. Ltd.
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Measuring Tapes
Measuring Tapes

Brunton Compass
Brunton Compass

Survey Compass
Survey Compass

Products & Services
Speedy Moisture
Transit Theodolite
Proving Ring
Shrinkage Limit Apparatus
Core Cutter
Moisture Can
Titing Level
Plastic Limit Set
Liquid Limit Device Counter
Speedy Moisture Meters
Reflective Prisms
Electronic Dgital Theodlit
Vernier Transit Theodolite
Optical Theodolite
Survey Instruments
Total Station
Digital Level
Digital Planimeter
Distance Meter
Measuring Wheel
Levelling Staff/Stand
Ranging Rod
Laser Level
Sound Level Meter
Rebar Locator Cover Meter
Pipe Leak Detector
Valve Cover Locater
Pipe & Cable Locator
Water Level Indicator
Weighing Balance
Ammonia/ Ferrow Printing Machine
Plain Table Set
Drawing Boards
Survey Chain/ Zarib
Prismatic Compass
Survey Compass
Canvas Cover
Survey Umbrella
Tracing Table
Cement & Concrete Testing Instruments
Cement Sampler
Blaine’s Air Permeability Apparatus
Filter Paper Disc Cutter
Lea And Nurse Air Permeability Apparatus
Water Bath
Kelley Ball Penetration Apparatus
Southard Viscometer
Vee Bee Consistometer
Slump Test Apparatus
Air Pentrainment Meter
Flow Table
Mortar Mixer
Laboratory Concrete Mixer
Soil Testing Instruments
Limit Set
High Speed Stirrer
Liquid Limit Device
Grain Size Analysis
Plummet Balance
Marsh Cone
Soil Hydrometer
Mud Balance
Sand pouring Cylinder
Core Cutter
Thin Wall
Harvard Miniature Compactor
Miniature Field Permeameter
Standard Compaction Test
Relative Density
Moisture Tins
Vicsberg Renetrometer
Proctor Needles
North Dakota Cone
Moisture Meter
Soil Testing Kit
Consolidation Apparatus
Direct Shear
Sampling Tube
Extractor Frame Hydraulic
Pressing & Extraction Equipment
Dames and Moore Sampler
Piston Sampler
Drive Weight
Metereologiacal Instruments
Rain Gauge
Whirling Psychrometer
Survey Instruments
Tar,Bitumen & Bituminous Testing Instrumnts
Ring & Ball Apparatus
Standard Pnetrometer
Ductility Testing Apparatus
Stripping Value Apparatus
Benkleman Beam
Centrifuge Extractor
Marshall Stability Test Apparatus
Automatic Bituminous Compactor
Standard Tar Viscometer
Breaking Point of Bitumen
Electrical Strength of Bitumen
Pour Point of Bituminous Compounds
Float Test Apparatus for Tar and Bitumen
E.V.T. Viscometer
Apparatus for Tension Test
Impact Penetration Tester
Flexibility and Adhesion Tester
Aggregate Testing Instruments
Thickness Gauge
Length Gauge
Cylindrical Measures
Metal Measures
Density Basket
Riffle Sample Divider
Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus
Aggregate Impact Tester
Deval Attrition Tester
Dorry Abrasion Testing Machine
Pug Mill
Los Angles Abrasion testing Machines
Asphalt Testing Instruments
Core Cutting Machine
Rock Cutting Machine
Asphalt & Concrete Floor Saw
Metallurgical Instruments
Specimen Mounting Press
Polishing Stand
Mounting Press
Specimen Leveler
Metallurgical Specimen Cut-off-Machines
Polishing Machines
Abrasive Cut-off Machine
Carbon & Sulphur Apparatus
Muffle Furnace
Forton’s Barometer
Hardness Tester
Metallurgical Microscope
Hot Air Oven
Salt Mist Chamber
NML Samples
Platinum Crucibles
Material Testing Instruments
Spring Testing Machine
Pendulum Impact Tester
Universal Testing Machine
Tensile Testing Machine
Bend Testing Machine
Torsion Testing Machine for Rod/Wires
General Testing Instruments
Soil Thermometer
Dead Weight Tester
Flow Cup Viscometer
Willy Mill
High Temperature Furnace
Humidity Chamber
Laboratory Pulverizer
Hot Air Oven
Electric Muffle Furnace
Hot Plates
Water Still
Paper Testing Instruments
Bursting Strength Tester
Paper Tensile Tester
Brightness Tester
Cobb Sizing Tester
Ph Meter
Survey Instruments
Dam Instruments
Vertical Settlement and Horizontal Movement Apparatus
Magnetic Extensometer
Piezometer System
Pore Pressure Recording Apparatus
Terminal Well Equipment
Vibrating Wire Piezometer System
Earth Pressure Measurement System
Servo Inclinometer System
Reinforcement Strain Gauge
Temperature Gauge
No Stress Strain Meter
Strain Meter
De-Aired Water Apparatus
Base Plate Installation
Twin Tube Piezometer System
Grease & Wax Testing Instruments
Drop Point of Grease Apparatus
Standard Penetrometer
Oxidation Stability
Evaporation Loss of Lubricant Grease Apparatus
Apparatus for Micro Rust Test
Leakage Tedencies of Automative Grease
Melting Point Apparatus
Heat Of Hydration Instruments
Heat of Hydration Apparatus
Stop Watch
Oil Testing Instruments
Flow Cup Viscometer
Pensky Martens Flash Point Apparatus
Carbon Residue Apparatus
Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus
Centrifuge for Water and Sediment
Smoke Point Apparatus
Demulsification Apparatus for lubricant Oil
Copper Strip Corrosin test Appratus
Distillation Apparatus
Aniline Point Apparatus
Reid Vapour Pressure Test Apparatus
Oxidation Test Apparatus for Trasformer Oil
Bomb Calorimeter
Apparatus for Freezing Point of Aviation Fuels
Karl Fisher Apparatus
Karl Fisher Apparatus
Stroking Test Apparatus
Cold Filter Plugging Point Apparatus
Interfacial tensiometer
Glass Viscometer
Paint Testing Instruments
Scratch Hardness tester
Bend Test Apparatus
Paint Stickness Tester
Pressure Test Apparatus
Salt Spray Corrosion
Hegman Gauge
Paint Corrosin Cabiner
Distillation Apparatus for Paint Thinner Gas
Apparatus for Cupping Test of varnishes
Conical Mandrel for Flexibility test for paint
Tubular Impact Tester
Stomer Viscometer Paddle Type for Paints
Rock Core Cutting & Drilling Instruments
Rock Cutting Machine
Diamond Cutter
Rock Core Drilling Machine
Lapping machine
Point Road Tester
Triaxial Test Equipment
Flat Jacks
Field Shear Box
Tape Extensometer
Bore Hole Extensometer
Slake Durability Test Apparatus
Oblique Shear Equipments
Rock Toughness Tester
Rock Classification Hammer
Rock Bolt Tester
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